If I’d have known then what I know now!

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I was just flipping through some old Star Wars calendars and came across one that had the original image of the first release poster for Episode VI  titled “Revenge of the Jedi”.  I recall, many, many years ago, I was a member of the Star Wars Fan Club (go figure!).  I remember prior to the opening date of May 1983, the title posters at the Theatres had all been changed to read “Return of the Jedi” (the imagery was different as well).  Afterward I went home to discover that as a Fan Club member I had received an early print of the poster shown here in this post.

I was curious as to the reason for the name change especially so close to the release date and was informed, most likely via the fan club, that George Lucas had realized that Jedi Order does not believe/participate in Revenge, so the title had to be changed.  Wow!  That was interesting, huh?

For whatever reason this made the “Revenge” poster a collectible item that became highly sought after in later years.  I had been dumb enough to give away most of my Star Wars merchandise.  I had almost given up on Star Wars by 1987, with little or no news forthcoming from the Fan Club. George didn’t appear to be doing anything with the Saga and there was little interest to continue being a Fan.

How did I know that George was planning a Special Edition and another 3 films, amongst other things?  How did I know that novels featuring the continuing story of the main characters would become bestsellers and would breathe new life into the Saga?  I kick myself to this day for giving away some items that are now worth a considerable amount of money.  Not that I would EVER part with them 😉


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