One of the best Star Wars Novels ever written?

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Dark Horse Comics had a graphic version- this cover shows the massive creatures called Yuzzem

I was digging through my collectibles and came across my copy of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster.  Unfortunately, again I had thrown the original out after assuming the Star Wars era had ended (I almost gave up around 1987) and ended up buying another copy many years later.  This was the first novelization of Star Wars and was actually written as a sequel to Episode IV: A New Hope.

I won’t get into a lot of details but suffice it to say that this was a remarkable story.  Considering I had read it before Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, I was convinced that this was going to be the next film version of Star Wars.  It would have been way cool, but George had other plans for a sequel.

If you haven’t read Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, you have missed a very cool novel that could have changed the story of Star Wars as we know it today.  Read more about the book’s background here


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