If I’d have known then what I know now, part 2

To add to my previous post about how dumb I had been at one point.  Note: take heed…I was only dumb for a brief period. This was most likely due to my blonde hair.

I was going through some of my existing collectibles and had realized something that had also made me quite mad.  Back in the hey days of Star Wars, I recall masks/helmets being a particularly cool Star Wars item to have and to hold.

Lord of the Sith Darth VaderAt one point there was only one “authorized” manufacturer of Star Wars helmets and masks, a company called Don Post Studios.  Around the year 1982, I remember buying a Darth Vader helmet for $65. (that was a lot of money back in the day!).  It was a simple two piece helmet made out of plastic that fit together using velcro. To this day, those first run helmets are worth a considerable amount of money if still in their original condition.

If I recall that was the year I got my first set of contact lenses: the go ahead to get the helmet…otherwise I couldn’t wear it as I wouldn’t have been able to see a thing (now I know how Luke Skywalker felt when he donned a Stormtrooper helmet).

Sadly, I ruined it.  That is to say the value of it in today’s market.  I was attending a halloween party in my full blown homemade Darth Vader costume.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize that without taking off the helmet, I couldn’t drink!  In a fit of insanity (or maybe too many beers and overheating) I decided to make a hole in the ‘chin’ of the mask…small enough for a straw to fit through.  Big mistake.  That dropped the value of the mask to nearly zilch.  Having realized this I sold it to a friend around 12 years later for around $25.

The Force sure wasn’t with me on that one…another collectible I wish I had never parted with.


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