Star Wars in 3D…overkill or perfect format?

Happy New Year to all the Star Wars fans out there.

2012 brings more news from the Star Wars Universe…3D!!!  Episode I: The Phantom Menace will hit theatres this spring in full blown digital 3D.  Sure, it would be nice to see the saga in 3D – yes all of them will be converted to 3D –  but I wonder if some things are better left alone.

We as fans know that George Lucas didn’t get the right “cut” when he first made Star Wars, hence the re-release as the Special edition versions of Episode IV,V & VI.  Having said this I’m certain Mr. Lucas never envisioned Star Wars in 3D back in 1977 so I have to believe that this is just another way to (sadly) make another buck off the franchise.

Mr. Lucas has been recently quoted as saying that because he has pissed off fans so much in recent years (by constantly tweaking Star Wars), that he has decided to retire from mainstream movie making.

Personally I think the money spent on converting the saga to 3D is an expense that would be better utilized in the production of the Live Action TV series that has been postponed due to budget and technology restraints.  I’m staring to think that perhaps George is finally starting to lose his marbles.  All genius’ eventually do, some sooner than others.


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