“Bucket of bolts” flies pretty good in gravity

Did it occur to anyone that ships like the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighters aren’t designed to fly in a planetary gravity?

I mean okay, this is science fiction but seriously, does that mean the laws of physics are different in the Star Wars Galaxy?  I can understand the use of repulsor engines for things like landspeeders and swoop bikes and even that “moving brick” that Daisy Ridley rides in The Force Awakens trailer. But maneuvering as the Falcon does in the movie trailer seems a bit far fetched considering it’s size and that it has no s-folis or anything to maneuver with…in space, yes, in gravity nope, not a chance again unless we assume repulsor engines… the-falcon

X-wings on the other hand are aerodynamic and would likely have no issues flying in a gravity. But come on, even the TIE’s are not going to be able to perform that kind of flying in a gravity because of their wing configuration.

Maybe I’m getting too critical in my old age, but I just thought hey this makes no sense!


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