About the Used Universe

I couldn’t wait until summer camp was over. Every year, the parents would haul us off to spend a few weeks in the great outdoors and of course have us out of their hair. It was 1977 and I had recently celebrated my 12th birthday and on that day had seen a movie trailer for a soon to be released film called “Star Wars”. I was really excited about seeing this movie. The one thing I will always remember from the trailer/teaser was the scene where R2-D2, alone and lost on Tatooine, gets overtaken and zapped by Jawas.  Little did I know that film scene would be ingrained in my memory for well over 30 years.

Star Wars became my first obsession and the cornerstone of my imagination.

I distinctly remember sitting in the movie theatre anxiously waiting for the the lights to dim and then it began: the 20th Century Fox fanfare and the opening scroll of the first Star Wars movie. This was it, this was Star Wars! I felt a chill run down my spine and felt the hair on my arms stand up on end.

At that age I was impressionable and Star Wars had certainly left its mark…so much so that to this day I have seen “Star Wars: A New Hope” 125 times or more. Not to mention all the other Star Wars Films. I collect all kinds of Star Wars items, read the novels, play the video games…the list goes on.

Star Wars didn’t change my life to a degree where it put me on the path to something remarkable or noteworthy, like converting my car into an X-wing, but rather it’s been like a long time friend and companion; always there when I need it.  The story, the special effects, the lore and the creator (Thank God for George Lucas!) have all been of great interest to me so I decided to start this blog to share my passion.

I titled my blog the “Used Universe” because for one, most web addresses that contain the words “Star Wars” are always taken and two, anyone who is a true Star Wars fan will know the reference to this title. It describes George Lucas’ vision of how the Star Wars Galaxy is fashioned in contrast to most how most other space sagas looked like…clean, cold, sterile, ‘always new’ environments like those seen in movies such as Star Trek or 2001:a Space Odyssey.

I encourage fans young and old to visit this blog, express their views, write their stories, or share memories on all things Star Wars or just plain say hello!

You can view the original 1977 Star Wars TV trailer here on YouTube:


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