Do you think they’ll melt us down?

DroidsIt occurred to me that if JJ Abrams isn’t going to follow the timeline and events from the Expanded Universe novels for the new Episode VII film, what happens to C-3P0 and R2-D2?

Since there has been no talk or rumours about re-casting Anthony Daniels for the role of Threepio (even if it’s a voice over), does this mean that Goldenrod and his sidekick won’t offer comic relief in Episode VII?

I think we can assume, much like the Star Trek reboot, that JJ Abrams will be updating the tech in the Star Wars universe, considering Episode VII is set 30 years after ROTJ. Having said this Threepio and R2 would be obsolete droids so would they even be around for this adventure? Considering it would be like using an old Motorola “brick” cellphone today versus a sleek iPhone, I’d say the old droids may have seen their day.

Something to consider for all you Droid lovers out there….



R2-D2…where are you?

R2-D2_DroidHe’s in Star Trek! Yep, fellow fans, he has been spotted in both Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Director JJ Abrams has admited he placed the little astromech droid in his versions of Star Trek because he is a huge Star Wars fan as well.

Of course there are “Trekkies”, the label used to describe Trek fans, who find this to be total blasphemy and that Star Wars has no right to appear in Star Trek.  Having said this, let’s just hope we don’t see Spock sitting on the Jedi Council in future Star Wars films! Personally I think it’s great and now there are even a few contests going around the Web to see how many times a person can spot R2 in the latest Star Trek releases.

So, pop your Blu-Ray copy of the latest Star Trek films into the DVD player, grab the remote and see how many occurrences of this “overweight glob of grease” you can find and tweet it to JJ Abrams…he thinks it’s cool! Rock on, R2!


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Lord of the Sith Darth VaderWelcome to my Star Wars blog.

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