The Force Awakens official trailer has arrived…..


Star Wars breaks the gender barrier

“It may not look like much, but she’s got it where it count’s, kid”…was Han Solo referring to the newest ‘rage’ about Femtroopers?

Femtroopers are starting to become a lot more popular these days. I’ll admit I’d never seen these Female Stormtroopers before but it begs the question of how far is far, far away?

I’ll be the first to admit they are definitely sexy, but I think it’s overkill, ladies. I think it’s just a 3 dressed up as a 9…your only wasting my time. Fandom aside I think these ladies just want more attention… a true fan would never add “sexy” to Star Wars unless they were Princess Leia.

Maybe the Empire’s new idea is “You wouldn’t shoot a female Stormtrooper, would you”?

Perhaps these ladies will be added to the documentary footage when Star Wars 3D is released on Blu-Ray Disc? You never know….

A Long Time Ago…

Me and the gang dressed up as our favorite Star Wars characters

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A Long Time Ago (for me anyway) in a city far far away (at least from where I am now)… Star Wars: A Civic Parade!

Me, my brother and some friends of mine were hyped.  We had been asked if we would be interested in taking place in a Thanksgiving Parade.  My Mom was the one who actually suggested it as well as the theme…why not go as your favorite Star Wars characters?

Little did she realize that she would be doing most of the work. She ended up making most of the items for the costumes.  All in all I think she did a pretty good job considering what she had to work with.

We went as the core group of Star Wars Characters from A New Hope, minus Chewbacca.  Me as Luke, my brother as Obi-Wan, and my best friend as Han Solo.  Princess Leia was played by a friend of the family…her costume was done by her mother.

The lightsabers of the time were non-existent so we had to use plastic glow in the dark He-Man type swords.  I did however clip a flashlight to my utility belt because it kind of looked like a lightsaber.

We had loads of fun.  We got tons of compliments and we were all very impressed with ourselves…no other entry in the parade was themed Star Wars.  We were unique! We were outstanding.  We were freezing!!

The pics shown here were taken in October of 1978.  It was a Civic parade hosted by the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Okay I’ll be the first to admit it was nothing huge, but technically speaking we were way before our time.  Star Wars didn’t participate in any decent parades until 2007 (although with a lot more to show…).   Rose Parade features ‘Star Wars’ tribute